Maybe later..

I’m sorry.
My computer just lags so extremely much when I play sims these days, it’s nearly impossible and incredibly frustrating to play.
I even figured out why. The processor isn’t even fast enough to handle the base game, let alone all the expansions and stuff packs…
We are testing my mom’s computer to see how well it can play, and if the answer is better then mine, I can perhaps make another blog, but right now, it looks like the Force legacy was no more..
And I didn’t even get to generation two! There goes my new year’s resolution.
I’m sorry. I’ll try to post an update if I end up creating another sims blog.
Thanks for reading.



Chapter 3-If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again

….Titled that because I can’t remember the actual quote. And this chapter was SUPER FREAKING FRUSTERATING TO PLAY. GAH. I’M STILL ANGRY.

Anyways, let’s begin. Zelda woke up this morning with weird default hair because of my CC malfunction. That gets fixed later because I’m determined not to cheat and she doesn’t own a dresser or mirror. She also woke up hungry. And stinky.

So, she nommed.

..Transformed into a kitty-Zelda…

..And headed off to work. She still hasn’t gotten promoted, by the way. And a random horse, of course, galloped by the police station.

..Yeah, I don’t know. I’m tired.

…She’s out! ..And, still stinky.

To the saloon salon!

Zelda: “Hey! This place doesn’t have a shower OR Don Lothario! You stink!”

You shouldn’t be talking about people stinking, missy.

Zelda: “Hmph”

Zelda: “That hair has got to go.”

You got that right, girl! XD

😦 This will have to do. I’m sorry I lost your other hair, Z.

Zelda: “I would be making my signature smirk, but my programming tells me to smile ‘normally’ while in Create-A-Sim.”

…Yeah, yeah. Well, it just shows to go ya, you can’t always get what you want in life.

Anyways, I guess I can let you go shower and to Don’s now.

Zelda: “About time, lady.”


Or, I guess, we could just invite Don to the gym. Two birds with one stone, no?

…Zelda, you’ve done that cat thing 3 times today. I’m getting kind of worried.

Zelda: *licks hands*

Blah, blah, flirting.

Okay, I seriously hope this works. Like, Imma be pissed if it doesn’t.


…Sad face.

Zelda: “What am I doing wrong? WHY DOESN’T HE LOVE ME?!”

Awwwwww :(.

This seriously made me so sad.

Oh well, home we go.

…Sad. But fear not, my friends, for that is not the end of this chapter!

*bends time and space*

Voila! Morning!

..Aww, Zelda’s still sad/angry.

…Annnnnnd morning clean-up.

Random dude: “This party looks radioactive, man!”

Zelda: “Woooo! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

Random chick: “…”

And of course, we don’t let yesterday’s little, erm, incident, stop us from going to see Don again today.

Don: “Hai thar, purty lady.”

..I love how Don doesn’t seem to think that his rejecting her will effect their relationship.

No, no, I don’t love it, actually.

…BAHAHAHA, it looks like he’s eating her armpit.




😀 😀 😀 😀


And then, of course, the doorbell has to ring.



…But Zelda was too exhausted to care, so she went to bed.

…It’s almost a good thing she did. (DUN DUN DUNNNN)


But BAHAHAHA, he walked away from her right afterwords.

Don: “I’m probably going to regret accepting those flowers, aren’t I?”

You bet your bumpkins you are.

He regrets his actions instead of wishing the biotch goodbye. HA! BIOTCH!

Biotch: “That was entertaining.”

Aww, he went to bed right after. I think its so cute when sims sleep like this.

*Bends time and space-again*


..Erm, nice cracked furniture, there, Don.

Anyways, Zelda helped herself to a hearty breakfast of cereal.

And then uses Don’s shower.

And he decided to join Zelda in the bathroom.

That’s awkward.

And not flush. Lets say it all together, “Ewwwwwww”.

..Heh, his boxers match the toilet.

Annnd, Zelda chooses to use the toilet right after him.

And she breaks it. Again, once more, “Ewwwwww”.

Zelda: “I didn’t do it.”

Yeah, yeah.

On that pleasant note, Zelda heads home, for it is the weekend and we have nearly completed our first week of Legacy Lot Living!

Zelda: “Whoopie.”

Just be greatful, woman! Some sims live on lots like this all their lives!

So anyways, she went home, and practiced chess..For the rest of the day.

She’s invited to a party at 8 (actually at 7:59. Really, EA? Who throws a party at 7:59???), so we head out to that, since it was thrown by her co-worker. I know you need to develop a friendship with your partner (in justice) later in the police career anyway. So, why not!

Zelda: “This party is poppin’!”

…Seriously, though, I couldn’t even find the host, the party was so lame. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had left.

Oh, wait! Looks like the elderly-and-genetically-impaired-club was invited! They’re sure to get the party started! :-/

I literally just sent Zelda home, that’s how bad the party was.

…And, creeper stalker ice cream truck!

…Morning came around, I popped by Don’s house. (Without Zelda.)

He was doing this.


Anyways, I sent Zelda over to ask him a very special question.

…She invited him on a date!

He said yes. Field trip time! 😀

Okay, this is the most romantic place I had enough energy to find in Riverview. So here we go.




😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

..This officially sucks.

This however, is one of the times the chapter name comes into play.

*is too tired to narrate anymore*

Please, just cross your fingers until the chapter is over.



Oh, Don. You officially ruined how I wanted this chapter to end. Princesses are supposed to MARRY the prince! COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED.



Don: “Yikes.”

——————————————————————————————————————–End of chapter 3! This took me HOURS to write, so I hope you liked it! Sorry for the lack of funniness/narration at the end, I was exhausted by then. Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Chaptah 2 Paht 2: Man Hunt 2-Electric Bugaloo

Hullo thar, faithful reader(s?)! Welcome and welcome back to chapter two, part two of the FORCE LEGACY! (I dunno why I typed that in all caps.) Just so you know, after playing up to this, my game died and I had to uninstall all CC. I didn’t lose any progress, but Zelda will look a bit different in the next post. Anyways, lets begin! Zelda woke up in a great mood. Obviously, still happy from last night (awink-wink). Image Oh, wait, nevermind. Zelda: *is not a morning person* She then used the po-po (LOL, not that po-po! The potty), and cleaned the frequently filthy sink.



AAnd then Zelda spent, like, 30 minutes playing chess, which all of us simmers know doesn’t give you  many skill points.

Cell phone: *photo bombs*


Work time! She changed into her formal wear and headed off.

Cell phone: *continues ringing*


And when she arrived, she changed into her favorite work outfit, her swimwear.


Zelda, dear, you do know you are capable of more than one facial expression, right?

Zelda: *changes into formalwear* I know. *grimace*



Thaaat’s attractive. Anyways, off to Don’s! Yayzers!

But he’s not home, so Z reads a book for work while waiting.


Doorbell, greeting, flirts!


Yes, spam those romantic interactions! First kiss! *crosses fingers*


Aww, what a perfect ending to the chapter. BTW, Zelda totally looks like rapunzel in this picture.


Chapter 2: Man-Hunt

Hello! It’s been like 5 days, so here I am again. Feeling just as awkward as the first time around. Well, let’s just jump right in! When we last left our, erm, heroine, she hadn’t really accomplished anything yet. She had, like, two possible love interests, but neither worked out, so now we call this latest chapter Man Hunt.

Zelda likes to start every morning with a nice fresh bowl of refrigerated autumn salad. On one of my classy new default plates.

..Yum. And then she does her daily ritual of washing her hands several times, you know, to make up for not owning a shower.

And then she heads to work.
I am very proud of her. See if you can catch why in this screenshot:

She went to work in her everyday wear. I dunno why she doesn’t have a uniform, but at least it’s not her swimwear.

While Zelda’s at work, I look in her relationship panel for a possible mate. I see Hal Breckenridge, her boss, and decide he’s a good possibility. But while Zelda’s at work, I end up getting a bunch of pop-ups about Hal starting a steady relationship with some chick.

How could he have done that while he was suppossed to be at work?

Hal: Rainbows and unicorns and-

Zelda: I LOVE YOU.

I tried to follow Hal’s car home so Zelda could meet him, but I ended up following the wrong car. It was Don Lothario.

But, he lives in a cool-barn-house-thingy!

And a weird snakeskin car.

Anywhoozles, I sent Zelda to the gym to “freshen up”, AKA showah. And then change into her swimwear.

Zelda: Dress to impress!


Zelda: *changes into formalwear*


Off we go!

Zelda: *rings invisible doorbell*

Don: Well, hullo pretty lady.

Zelda: *turns invisible*

Don: *streeeeechy*

Love at first sight, obviously. Or, um, at first not sight.

Heh, Don had a bale of hay in his living room. Fancy living, if you ask me.

Zelda: Hay! I must interact!

Ah, yes, momma always told me the sure way to a man’s heart is through his hay.

Don: I am completely unaware of the happenings behind me.

Zelda: *grunt*

And then they have a chat from across the room.


Zelda and Don: *autonomous pillow fight*


Zelda and Don: …But?

Zelda and Don: *make friends*

*Photo montage!*

And when they’re almost friends, I try to make Zelda flirt with Donny boy.


…It failed.

…She looks so sad 😦

This happens to me a lot, my sims are constantly rejected until I give their love interest flowers. So I tried a little “friendly yellow” on Donnycakes.


I think they make a cute couple. Imma leave you here, part 2 (parttwoparttwoparttwo!) will probably be up sometime this weekend. All Zelda did for the rest of the night was sleep. So see you next time!

Chapter 1-That Awkward First Chapter

So this morning, I woke up. Spent two hours on youtube, took a shower, and ate toast. But it was while in the shower that I came up with this idea-a resolution-to blog a legacy. At least until the 5th generation. Believe me, I’ve tried at legacies and I’ve tried at blogging, but  I’ve never been able to stick with it. We’ll see how I do this time around.

Anywho, to the legacy! Here we have our lovely founder, Zelda Force.

She seems very impressed with her new home. And, for some reason, in Riverview, the lot I found was 59×59 instead of 60×60, so I have a little more money than usual (I think), but don’t worry, I couldn’t even afford a shower. This is what I could afford:

Again, she’s super impressed.

So, since she has pretty much nothing, I send her to the police station to get a job in law enforcement.

So, naturally, she changes into her swimwear.

And then into her athletic wear. I love the insane trait.

Zelda: *stare*

Papergirl: *stare*

And then the papergirl and Zelda merge into.. Well.. You just take a look.

…And after that awkward moment, the papergirl left, and Zelda headed off to the police station. For reals this time.

She went in looking like this..

And when she emerged, she was all betters!

So, now we go man hunting.

Zelda: What? But, I’m not single!

Sorry, sweetie, Link doesn’t live in this town. You’re single now.

One of the (many) things I dislike about Riverview is that there is no main park-thingy. So I send her to both the small, lame parks.

The only guy I saw was Angel Lobos. And he’s an adult, and married, and has two kids. So that’s a no.

I also saw this tourist.

Zelda: Hi! You haven’t by any chance seen any single young adult males, have you?

Tourist lady: *stares*

Zelda: Well, then.

Next lot! I send Zelda to the juice bar place.

..And there was NO ONE there. No one. Not even a tingle.

No one.

I just about have given up, but as a last resort, I send Zelda to the art museum.

And there’s a guy! Trigger Broke. I think he’s a young adult, so I send Zelda to go talky-talky-flirty-flirty.

Flirting party!

Awkward child: *is awkward*

…But alas, Trigger BROKE my game. Get it? Broke? Heh..

Anyways, it glitched, and the only action I had available was “massage”, so I closed my game, removed the WooHooer mod, and tried again…

Then I just had no interactions available.

So I reset Zelda, deciding that Trigger just wasn’t “the one”.

But there’s still time! To test out if she could do stuff now, I sent her over to a random neighbor’s house.

No, they’re not flirting, he just has really weird eyebrows. But an awesome name: Jebidiah. Too bad he’s an adult. I could tell by the forehead wrinkles.

So Zelda just took some food from his fridge, ate it, and was on her way.

Oh, and yes, she’s been in her athletic wear this whole time.

Back at “home”, I just had Zelda go to bed.

In her formal wear, naturally.

Yes, it is glitching into the bed.

Andddd, morning! Boom! I just changed time, I’m so cool.

Raccoon: They don’t pay me enough for this job.

Zelda: Good morning! I think I’ll just have some autumn salad for breakfast, considering I DON’T HAVE A STOVE.


Now, off to work!

*Photo Montage*

What is she staring at, you ask?

That would be her partner in er, justice, George Dean.

He’s an adult, Zelda.

Zelda: I DON’T CARE! *is desperate*

Relax, it’s only been a day, you’ll have a husband soon enough.

Zelda: Hmph. *changes into athletic wear*

Really? Why not wear your everyday wear once and a while?

Zelda: That’s too mainstream.


So she plays chess till dark, eats autumn salad, and washes her hands five times, because she doesn’t a shower.

And of course, because her hands are apparently so filthy, the sink becomes disgusting, so I have her clean that, and go to bed.

Zelda: I’m wearing my everyday wear for you!